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Easter – Lac Oryctolagus Cunicilus

Easter is a time where we celebrate with chocolate and decorations of chickens and bunnies celebrating the new life of spring – even though in New Zealand, like the rest of the southern hemisphere we are actually in autumn. Keeping with that theme I would talk about a rabbit homeopathic remedy.

Lac Oryctolagus Cunicilus is made from the milk of a white rabbit and was proved by New Zealander Claire Bleakley in 2002. Mammals are the only types of animals that produce milk, and many of our mammal remedies are made from milk- Lac Caninum, dog, Lac Felinum, cat, Lac Lupinum, wolf, even Lac Delphinum, dolphin.

When thinking about rabbits in literature, there is one particular white rabbit that always comes to my mind – the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Having grown up with the Disney movie, all I can hear is “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date,

No time to say hello goodbye I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” Like this fictional white rabbit, Lac Oryctolagus is impatient and has delusions about time – either finding time passing too slowly or too quickly. They lose track of time and can be late to everything.

We have other sayings about rabbits –

“Breed like rabbits” – in the remedy they feel at the mercy of their hormones, women will be particularly irritable before their period, in fact all mental symptoms are worse before menses and they may be depressed during their period. There can also be painful periods with a dragging sensation that is better for heat, periods really heavy and clotty or really frequently, every 15 days. Breasts can also be sore from ovulation to menses and they may have right sided ovarian pain.

Lac Oryctolagus may be “hopping mad”, even use abusive language about past events, be angry toward their father or from “being caressed” – possibly a mother who is all touched out by kids.

“Like a rabbit caught in the headlights” they may have fears of accidents, that they could lose everything financially, or that they are unloved. They could be anxious about little things, particularly when their children are around and feel this like butterflies in the stomach.

They may go “down the rabbit hole” of their own thoughts, not on a learning journey but more thinking of the past or even spending time with their own thoughts about making the most out of life (instead of getting out there and doing it).

Lac Oryctolagus is unlikely to “pull a rabbit out of a hat” and find that amazing solution, because they have difficulty concentrating, are forgetful and have a weak memory, and make mistakes in speaking, spelling and writing.

“Gentle as a bunny” they can be sympathetic to others and timid with no self confidence (or the opposite, unsympathetic, opinionated, and self confident).

Let’s talk about some more physical things and generals.

Lac Oryctolagus Cunicilus is unlikely to be a “gym bunny”, as they are lacking energy, tired, sluggish feeling and may even have a whole body aching. It could be a remedy considered for chronic fatigue, glandular fever or the flu.

Their appetite could be absent, or they could be eating more than normal. Rabbit people don’t always want “rabbit food”, and some even may be averse to salads. They particularly want bread, savoury foods like chips, pasta, olives, and curries, although they may also want salad or vegetable soup.

Lac Oryctolagus can have headaches, particularly from the sun, strong smells or even from frustration or anxiety.

Their eyes are sensitive to the sun and bright lights (rabbits are crepuscular, so most active in the morning and evening).

Rabbits have superior hearing (those large ears!) and an amazing sense of smell. In the remedy there can be ear pain and ringing, and an increased sense of smell, as well as a blocked nose, sneezing or a clear runny nose.

Many domestic rabbits can have teeth problems, as their teeth constantly grow and if they are not getting enough rough things to wear them down it can put their jaw out of alignment. In the remedy they could have an aching jaw or tooth ache that moves around from tooth to tooth.

Bowel motion symptoms for Lac Oryctolagus do not resemble the hard rabbit droppings of rabbits, instead they may have a loose yellow diarrhoea, and there can be increased farting as well as bloating in the abdomen.

There is also no “bunny hopping” or “leaps and bounds” for Lac Oryctolagus, as they can have aching in nearly all the extremities: upper arms, elbows, armpits, knees, legs and feet, and they may have cramping or twitching in the legs.

Our crepuscular rabbits will “bunny flop” and have a desire to sleep after lunch. They may sleep heavily but wake early, from 4.30am.

Now I’m going to “hop to it” and see what the Easter Bunny left for a hunt in our house.

I hope you have a Happy Easter or if you don’t celebrate, enjoy your weekend off.

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