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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Among other things, Easter is a time of chocolate and over indulgence. Even if you actively limit sugar at home it is difficult when the kids go to different things and are given an Easter egg or two while there.

So here are some reminders of what you can do.

If possible, limit snacking on chocolate all day. Having it after a meal is ideal because it not only reduces the blood sugar spike but it means you are not repeatedly attacking your teeth with acid.

A couple of remedies you could have on hand:

Nux Vomica is a good remedy for over indulgence in food, including too much rich food (or Easter treats!) It’s one I use regularly for kids who eat dinner, and dessert, eat more than they should because they like it, then feel sick shortly afterwards.  They can be irritable and impatient, and may want to vomit, but nothing comes up, or be constipated.

Saccharum Off is made from sugar, and is useful to help deal with the behavioural and physical effects of too much sugar. These can include irritability, tantrums, hyperactivity, difficult concentration, and a ravenous appetite. My favourite symptom from Vermeulen (and definitely applicable to my own children at times) is that Saccharum is “compelled to touch everything”. They also won’t want to eat anything except more sugar.

I hope you have some time to relax and fewer everyday pressures over the long weekend. I am taking the weekend off, but if you need an urgent Homeopath appointment you can talk to one at any hour of the day or night at Homeopathy 24-7.

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