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Imponderable remedies – those not made from physical substances- have become more common in recent years. There are colour remedies (some of which I have used with great success), remedies from sunlight (Sol – excellent for both sun exposure and to treat sunburn) and moonlight (Luna), as well as even more esoteric remedies like Time.

I was expecting Electricitas to also be a new remedy, but in fact it has been around for over 100 years, and was written about in Clarke’s Materia Medica in 1902.

The remedy is made by saturating the original vial with electricity, which is then diluted and successed according to homeopathic principles to make the Ultra-High Dilution Nanomedicine we can use homeopathically.

Traditionally Electricitas was used for the effects of atmospheric and static electricity, as well as to treat the adverse effects of electro shock therapy. Clarke even notes the powerful effect on some people with the approach of a thunderstorm. Symptoms such as anxiety, fears, restlessness, headaches and palpitations, as well as symptoms of “phthisis” or tuberculosis.

These days most of us are exposed to electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) throughout the whole day. Not only from electricity in the walls around us, but the wifi we use to connect to the internet, the cell phones that we carry around with us, and the towers and satellites that are constantly sending signals to earth.

This is an enormous topic, and I could write all day about what I have learnt and seen. Before I get into the remedy Electricitas I want to give you a couple of links for more information.

If you are open to learning more about wifi, satellites and cell phones then I highly recommend the book The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenburg, and his website,

He makes some pretty big calls, and is passionate about the detrimental effects of wifi, satellites and cell phones, but I recommend keeping an open mind, read and incorporate what feels right to you.

The other website I recommend is

Life Energy Designs is a NZ company specialising in Orgonite and pendants which provide protection from EMF. They have both zone protection devices and personal pendants and a wealth of experience with how these can help with sleep, mood as well as physical illness.

So let’s get back to Homeopathy. Here are a range of symptoms seen in the Electricitas picture.

Intense anxiety, fearful and sighing. Can be emotional and teary and there may be poor memory.

Headaches, from a bruised feeling to crushing pressure in the forehead or shooting pains on the right side and tingling sensations. Aching pains in or behind the eyes.

Respiratory tract infection symptoms including pains in the ears or pains drawing from the jaw to the ear, sneezing, tingling in the nose and loss of smell, tickling in the throat and pressure on swallowing, roughness of the larynx and coughing from a tickle in the throat, short irritable cough, and constriction in the chest. Fever with shivering and chills.

Heart palpitations, and pains across the chest.

There can be an increase in appetite, and a desire to eat frequently. Colicky pains in the abdomen, fullness after eating, and diarrhoea.

Sensations of heaviness in the legs, and intense pains in the arms and legs. Dragging pains or tingling sensations.

There can be sleeplessness or deep sleep with vivid dreams.

Here are some things that clients have used Electricitas for successfully:

Hyperactivity in children. “Within 5 minutes mellowed out to the normal selves.”

Intoxicated feeling.


Uncontrollable leg twitches.

Bowel incontinence from body signals not being passed to the brain.

It is not a remedy I have used frequently, and yet having researched it more it is one I can see myself using more often in future. It is certainly one to consider if you had had any of the above symptoms after exposure to electrical devices or EMF radiation.

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