Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Names have power

I’m a big fan of fantasy and science fiction. Or to be honest most genres of fiction, my little bit of escapism. One common idea across many authors of fantasy is that names have power. Knowing the true name of a faerie or demon or other creature can give you control over them, or the ability to summon them, or similar.

Sometimes in fiction there is some form of truth, whether it is historical detail that is exquisite, or it examines human behaviours and emotions, but fantasy and science fiction do not usually fall into that truth category.

Lately though I have considered that this aspect does have some truth. Not that naming a faerie will give you power over them, but that naming your emotions is the first step to understanding them and working on them.

Anger is a great example of this. Anger could mean-

I’m scared

I’m frustrated

I don’t know what to do

I need some space

I feel guilty

I’m ashamed

Or even something else.

If one of these, or something else, is causing your anger, understanding that may help lessen the anger as well as give you tools to cope with it.

Homeopathy can also help in both understanding and controlling emotions including anger. There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies for anger, so when we look at them it is not just anger but also other emotions, and the whole picture.

Aconite – anger from anxiety, panic, fear, and shock.

Argentum Nitricum – easily angered, impulsive and get nervous in anticipation of events.

Arsenicum Album- can be very irritable as well as the characteristic anxiety about health, money and other things.

Chamomilla – feel things intensely, from pain to anger. Spiteful, snappish and intolerant to interruption.

Lycopodium – lack of self confidence, extremely sensitive and little things annoy. Angry and domineering with family but well behaved with others.

Nux Vomica – type A personality, irritable, critical and at times spiteful and picking fights.

Pulsatilla – changeable emotions- one book describes them as like a Spring day, with mood swings from tears to anger.

Sepia – irritable with family, needing space (“just want them to go away”). As well as being easily offended they can feel sad.

If you come to me because you are angry or irritable (or for some other reason but anger is part of your picture) I will be asking what makes you angry, why does it make you angry, how does your anger come out, to figure out if the anger is masking something else and to find the right remedy for you.

If you have children teaching them to name the emotion gives them the tools to deal with them and also increases their EQ, or emotional intelligence. For this I love the book How Do I Feel: A Dictionary of Emotions from Wildling books. It has so many different emotions, what they feel like in the body and talks about them. It’s a great way of getting kids to identify how they are feeling. You also can’t go past the other Wildling Books picture books like Aroha’s Way, and Let It Go, plus they have new ones coming out for younger kids. Link to their website here:

If you or your child is struggling with anger, or with other emotions that come out as anger, then Homeopathy can help. Acute remedies in the moment such as Chamomilla and Nux Vomica may make a difference, but if there is no sustained change please message me for an appointment.

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