Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Homeopathic Integrative support for COVID-19 Vaccination

Covid-19 is once again the topic on everyone’s mind, and many people have strong feelings about many aspects including (but not limited to) lockdowns, masking and vaccination.

It is my job as a health professional to support you whatever you choose to do. In accordance with our Code of Rights I advocate for an informed choice, and recommend at looking at information on both sides of the vaccination divide.

Vaccination is now open to everyone, and has been made mandatory for some jobs. Whether you are choosing vaccination, or being coerced to have it to keep your job, or you would like the information for friends or whanau, here are some things you can do to support your body through this.

Using an integrative approach to medicine means not only using pharmaceuticals, but taking appropriate supplements to support your body. Using this approach for vaccination means we use supplements that not only support your body to have an improved immune response, but also reduce any side effects from the treatment.

I recommend you start the supplements at least three days prior to your injection and continue for at least three to four days afterwards – so plan on about a week of each.

Vitamin C – this is probably the most well known antioxidant and supplement for immune support. Animal models have shown that high vitamin C supplementation increases antibody formation and enhances immune responses. A reduced vitamin C level is also associated with an increase in adverse effects from vaccination.

I recommend Lipsopheric vitamin C, three times a day. For a less expensive version you could take Sodium ascorbate or vitamin C tablets, but you will need to take them more frequently as in this form it is water soluble- cut back if you get to bowel tolerance.

VitaminD3 – studies in vitamin D deficient elderly having flu vaccination did not show an improvement in antibody production, but it did increase TGF-beta which, among other things, regulates inflammatory responses, and therefore made the vaccine more tolerable. It is also September, which means we have had months of winter and reduction in sunlight and endogenous vitamin D production, plus, despite the fact we live in New Zealand, many people here are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is necessary for optimal immune functioning, and itself is protective against COVID-19, as seen in a number of studies. I like Clinicians Sunshine Vitamin D3, as it comes in combination with K2. Vitamin K2 is less likely to be found in our normal diet, and is involved with inflammation. A group of researchers from Denmark also showed that a low vitamin K level is associated with more severe COVID-19 disease.

Glutathione – another compound for which deficiency has been implicated in severe COVID-19 disease. Glutathione is an antioxidant and protects from damage from reactive oxygen species, similar to Vitamin C. We manufacture our own Glutathione, but it can be depleted- the most well known drug causing this is Paracetamol. Glutathione also works synergistically with Vitamin C, and together they reduce the risk of depletion.

While you can supplement with Glutathione, the evidence is mixed about how well it is absorbed. Instead you may like to take N-Acetylcysteine or Alpha Lipoic Acid, both of which the body can utilise to make Glutathione. Interestingly Vitamin D3 supplementation can also increase glutathione in the brain and is a catalyst for its production. It may take at least 10 days of supplementation with Vitamin D3 for this to happen though.

Now let’s talk Homeopathically.

Tinus Smits was a Dutch Homeopath and Medical Doctor who had an interest in vaccination. One of his methods was using a remedy made from the vaccine itself to either treat the adverse effects of the vaccine, or where a vaccine was required, give the remedy before and after to potentiate any negative effects.

A different option is to consider a remedy that covers a number of the listed side effects of the vaccination and take that remedy before and after. One remedy suggested for this by Sicilian Doctor and Homeopath Egidio Galli has been Bothrops, a snake remedy. Dr Galli took official reports and repertorised 28 common side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, and Bothrops was clearly the stand out remedy.

These two methods are equally valid and represent two separate camps of homeopathy. Technically homeopathy means “like treats like” and we search for the simillimum, the remedy most like the symptoms. Using the drug or substance itself is more correctly called tautopathy (tauto = same) or isopathy (iso = equal). Both are equally valid methods and people all over the world get great results with them. I suggest you talk to your Homeopath to source the specific remedy and discuss which method is right for you. Whichever method you choose I would suggest a similar regime to the supplements; three days before, on the day and three days afterwards.

Other remedies to consider:

Ledum. A common remedy for puncture wounds, this would support the body to reduce inflammation at the injection site. Take this for three to five days after the vaccination.

Thuja occidentalis. A remedy that has been traditionally used for “vaccinosis” or reactions after vaccination, although there is some debate whether this is specific for smallpox vaccination, or whether it is generalisable for other vaccinations. In my opinion it is likely beneficial for some people, and for others it will not make much difference. If you have a history of warts, urinary tract or reproductive problems, arthritis, or asthma or bronchitis, all part of the sycotic miasm that Thuja falls under, this remedy is more likely to be useful, and you could take for several days (if 30c), or as a single dose (if higher potency) after finishing the vaccine remedy/Bothrops.

Please discuss this with your choice of Health Professional, they may well have other suggestions for you to take. I have read other suggestions including Vitamin A, Fish Oil/Flaxseed Oil, Probiotics and Humic acid/Fulvic acid. I do not know enough to recommend these.

If you have got this far, just a reminder to be kind and respectful of everyone’s choices. We all make the best decisions we can with the information and resources that we have at the time. Please message me if you would like to discuss your individual circumstances and remedies to support you.

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