Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

World Pharmacists Day

Today is World Pharmacists Day! A shout out to all my fellow Pharmacists who work tirelessly day in and day out dispensing medicines, consulting with doctors, providing advice on medicines to patients and other health professionals, providing services like emergency contraceptives, warfarin anti coagulation testing, hepatitis C screening (and so many more), as well as being a free source of advice from a qualified health professional that you can access at any Pharmacy – great at assessing and referring to an appropriate service if necessary.

Today I want to give a shout out specifically to a few other Pharmacists I know who, while still working in Pharmacy, have stepped out of the box (or the dispensary):

Mark at Staywell Pharmacy in Christchurch – Mark has a Masters in Integrative Medicine and considers not only medicines, but naturopathic and nutrition approaches for a comprehensive and personal plan to “live well and stay well”. Not only does Mark work holistically with patients, he educates medical students and other health professionals about Integrative Medicine, and is a front runner in New Zealand’s integrative medicine field.

Kelsi at Free’r who does health personalisation – a journey through your unique epigenetics and environment using an augmented intelligence tool that uses anthropometry and layers 15 different types of science with your current phenotype and disease risks to give you a personalised profile to get to your best state of health including nutrition, exercise, environment, natural genius and more.

Manisha at Manisha Smith Health & Medication Consultant who has a background in community, hospital and medicines information, and reviews medicines regimens, provide education to increase health literacy, help

improve adherence, and recommend natural supplements for a holistic approach to health.

And as always, Pharmacists need a team with them to enable them to do their best – so a big thank you to the Pharmacy Technicians, Assistants and support staff for making it possible to do our job.

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