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These days I very rarely use other modalities, and most treatment is homeopathic, with the odd flower essence of Homeobotanical mixed in. Even my supplement use has decreased a lot, as homeopathic remedies are effective and easy. It’s been a while since I talked about my personal use, so here is a snapshot of what I have been using homeopathically in the last couple of weeks.

My eldest daughter was coaching at a sailing holiday programme, and badly banged her elbow. When she got home she burst into tears, and told me she couldn’t move her fingers. Arnica 200c given straight away, and then a trip to the doctor to check if it was broken. While waiting it was intensely painful, so she was taking a dropper full of a mixture of Homeobotanical trauma (6) and first aid (3) with added traumeel and rescue remedy. Whenever it got painful she would have another dropperful – about every 15 minutes. Fortunately Doctor thought just a hematoma, and the pressure on the nerves contributing to the finger pain and reduced movement. When we got home I started giving her Sulfuric Acid 30c – I think she had 4-5 doses 15 minutes apart. The next morning she woke and the arm was fine, swelling reduced, much of the colour gone, and movement fine. We didn’t need the X ray after all 😊

When I went to visit my Mum, her tomatoes had tomato blight. A bit of research suggested Carbo Veg for tomato blight, and she added some to an unused water bottle and started dosing her plants. The tomato blight slowly reduced and her plants were soon healthy again.

We had an awesome holiday in Gisborne (photo of Tokomaru Bay, we drove North to take the kids to see where my Marae is). It was sunny and hot, and we spent hours on the beach every day.

Each morning everyone took a single dose of Sol Australis 1M to prevent sunburn. It worked well, no sign of sunburn or sunstroke despite being out in the sun most of the day.

One evening I did develop a headache, it was reasonably minor, and I put it down to a lack of fluid combined with the sun. I took a couple of doses of Nat Mur 30c and Sol 30c, drank some water (with a tiny bit of salt in it), and as it was late went to bed.

We drove home from Gisborne through the terrible rain. The Waioeka gorge caused a bit of motion sickness in one of my daughters and the next day the detour around the Brynderwyns had the same effect for my other daughter. We have a combination homeopathic spray for motion sickness, with Petroleum, Tabacum and Pulsatilla, all in 30c. It makes a huge difference, and we had no vomiting on the way to Auckland and only one on the terribly windy road from Maungaturoto to SH1.

Home and ready for school, only my youngest woke after a very restless night saying his throat hurt. He was also very hot with fever, throat was bright red and his tongue was pink, with little white spots – what we call a strawberry tongue. Belladonna 30c given, three doses over half an hour, then he vomited. I have him another dose of Belladonna 30c and suddenly he was up out of bed and off to play happily.

After a restless night with my boy, I took a prophylactic dose of Cocculus 30c. Lack of sleep is not my friend and could leave me irritable and snappy (it can also cause nausea and headaches, but I wasn’t lacking in sleep enough for that).

I wish this were the end of the story though- but shortly after he got happily up, he was prostrated on the couch, zero energy, high fever, and vomited again.

I gave Arsenicum Album as this is also a good remedy for high fevers, and the vomiting led me in that direction. He fell asleep. When he woke he would vomit and I would repeat the Arsenicum. We proceeded this way all day, never really getting better. I even went back to Belladonna (which didn’t work, of course because symptoms had changed), and then increased the potency of Arsenicum, which also made no difference.

So I asked for help- a group of colleagues who I meet with regularly. They came up with a number of other remedies for me- Antimonium tartaricum, Antimonium crudum – but he didn’t have the sweat you see with the fever in those remedies. China looked promising and I even considered China Arsenicosum- still being unwilling to give up the Arsenicum entirely. However I looked at him and his heavy lidded, bemused stare led me to a different remedy – Baptisia. I gave him a dose of Baptisia 30c with no change. So I repeated the dose, and suddenly he was hungry. I cut him a peach (his request) and gave him some more water, then repeated the dose a third time. His fever had reduced slightly – still warm but not like a furnace.

He threw it all up so I repeated the Arsenicum and then went back to Baptisia.

Then he started talking – Baptisia is known for being confused and dull and drowsy, not talking at all.

A little investigation on my part showed Baptisia is useful in a trio – with Arsenicum and Bryonia. I gave him a dose of Bryonia and he was happy to sit up and move – Bryonia is known for feeling worse for any movement.

He didn’t eat much for dinner but managed to keep the food down, had his chapter book and went to bed. While it took him some time to fall asleep (probably because he had slept all day), not long after he did his temperature was back to a normal level.

The next day his throat was slightly sore again but he was talking a mile a minute – so Lachesis for him as they are very loquacious.

So that’s been the last two weeks or so for me. What have you used homeopathy for recently?

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