Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


It has been a terrible week, and my heart goes out to those in the Hawkes Bay, Tairawhiti and elsewhere still dealing with the devastation from this storm.

Homeopathic remedies can help with the shock and trauma following an event like this – and whether you have been evacuated, lost property, been injured or not, if you are feeling the effects of these events then one of these remedies may help.

Arnica – we first of all think of Arnica for injuries, and it is an excellent when there has been any injury, but it is also useful for shock, particularly when the person is in denial – they may say “I’m fine” when they are clearly not ok.

Aconite – another shock remedy, these people have a strong fear of death, and after a traumatic event they may be trembling, and have panic attacks with hyperventilation and a racing heart, they really feel like they are going to die. They can also wake at midnight in a panic.

Buddleja Davidii – this remedy is known as the “Arnica of the nerves” and while a newer remedy in our materia Medica, it is one of the best remedies for trauma. They can be detatched or paralysed by fear, and have panic attacks. It helps hold space for feelings to be processed without overwhelming them.

Ignatia – a grief remedy, this is useful for any form of loss – not just people or animals, but opportunities, and in this case property or belongings. They prefer to be alone to cry, don’t want consolation, and may have a lump in their throat and sigh a lot. Sometimes they are unable to cry, or may cry uncontrollably. They can be hysterical and even laugh hysterically, which can just as easily change to uncontrollable sobbing.

Opium – traumatic events can leave them stunned, disconnected and a bit spacy. They will be sleepy all day, and yet at night unable to sleep from replaying events in their head. When triggered (such as more bad weather not long after previous flooding) they may over react and be very anxious.

Rescue remedy, which is a combination of 5 flower essences is also an excellent remedy for shock and trauma.

Kia kaha and arohanui to all those affected x

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