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If you’re a fan of Shrek you will know that Ogres are like Onions: “Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers… You get it? We both have layers.”

Donkey points out the cakes also have layers.

So today I am writing about Shrek’s onion layers and how in Homeopathy we also liken treatment to peeling the layers on an onion. I have never yet treated an ogre, but if I did I would apply the same methods to their treatment as I use with humans 😉.

So Donkey doesn’t feel left out, come back tomorrow for cake layers and homeopathy.

Dr Francisco Eizayaga was a Homeopath in Argentina. He was born in 1923, and as an adult initially studied medicine and became a Urologist. He later studied Homeopathy, and went on to teach Homeopathy as well as establish an Institute for homeopathy in Argentina, hold the role of President of the Argentinian Medical Homeopathic Association for 14 years as well as having key roles in other national and international homeopathic organisations.

The main thing that Eizayaga is known for internationally is his theory of layers – like Shrek’s onion- and how these need to be addressed differently.

His layers are Constitutional, Miasmatic, Fundamental and Lesional.

Firstly there is the Miasmatic layer. I will do an in-depth week of posts on miasms later in the year, but at this point what you need to know is that this is our inherited tendency to disease. A family history of asthma may predispose to the Sycotic or Tubercular miasms, or cancer to the cancer miasm. Eizayaga would also use miasmatic treatment after treating other layers to reduce the chance of recurrence.

Next is the constitutional layer. Each person has their own constitution which is as much a part of them as the colour of their eyes or their height. Constitutional remedies can be used here, not to change who they are but to support resilience and immunity. The characteristics relate to the person’s innermost self, and while babies and children may be treated in this layer, for adults there may be layers on top that need to be treated and removed before the constitution is apparent. This is a remedy like Pulsatilla, who is easily tearful, clingy and wants to be carried, and prone to bland yellow discharges. Or Calc Carb, for babies who a solid and sturdy (with those delightful chubby thighs and rolls), and are slow and steady.

Next is the Fundamental layer. These are the things that happen to us in life that have a big effect. This could be trauma, shock or emotions like anger and grief. The fundamental layer is about the person and their experiences and can change throughout their life. By treating the fundamental layer you can remove these symptoms to return to their constitutional self.

Lastly, and outmost is Lesional disease. I say disease here because this is for the diagnosed conditions that affect us. They may be self limiting, reoccurring or chronic, and could be curable or not. This is where you are treating the symptoms of the disease, and where our therapeutics knowledge is important. There may be more than one Lesional layer, or one layer that you need to treat in several parts. By treating the Lesional layer(s) you can slowly peel the layers of the onion and move inwards to the fundamental and then constitutional layers.

When I did my Diploma, part of our process was around asking when different diseases happened in order to set up a timeline. By having the timeline established you can treat the layers, always working with the most recent layer first. This is one reason why sometimes we see a “return of old symptoms” when treating homeopathically. As the outermost layer is removed the underlying conditions become the new upper layer. By continuing with treatment (further peeling the onion) we can get down to the constitution and maintain ongoing good health.

Come back tomorrow for cake!

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