Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Outside the diagnosis box

In Homeopathy we look at symptoms and sensations, at how you specifically are experiencing something. For most people who grew up in a conventional medical way, or even using supplements and herbs in a naturopathic holistic manner, this is quite a different way of working.

The Allopathic method has you with a diagnosis, and then there are a number of treatments used for that condition. Algorithms are common in medical practice, and allow for quick decisions on pharmaceutical treatment – you have this condition, your kidney function is in this level, therefore first line treatment is this drug. Tried that drug and had side effects/didn’t work? Change to this second line treatment, or add this other drug. For the Doctor, algorithms also make it easier when you only have 10 minutes with a patient, and many patients to see every day. They are based on research and clinical practice experience, and provide a baseline for treatment across the country.

Homeopathy is dramatically different. We have the luxury of time- my first consult is an hour to an hour and a half, and follow ups are usually half an hour. It is not just the time in the consult either, I often spend an equal amount of time afterwards working on the case, finding those patterns and the remedy that makes everything clear. We don’t need the diagnosis because it is the individual experience that is important.

In fact, a diagnosis may lead you up the garden path, expecting a certain pattern of symptoms because of it.

People are all individuals, and homeopathically we want to know your personal physical symptoms with dealing with your particular condition. It is the “strange, rare and peculiar” symptoms that are individual to your experience that help point to the remedy.

Homeopathy also does not interfere with other modalities, there are no interactions with medicines, herbs and supplements. It’s a safe and effective option for everyone, including pregnant women, children, babies and animals.

Are you ready to choose a different path, a modality that looks at you as a whole person and does not try to fit your collection of symptoms into a diagnosis box? It’s time to contact me and choose Homeopathy.

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