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Carbo Veg

Carbo Vegetablis (usually just called Carbo Veg) is a remedy made from the charcoal of a beech tree. It is known as the corpse reviver – it has the reputation of bringing back patients who seem to be on their death bed. But like most homeopathic remedies it has a wider sphere of action and can be used for milder and more severe ailments.

Carbo Veg is a remedy with a lot of weakness, even their vital force – what Hahnemann called the energy that each organism has for life and healing – seems weak or low. Great fatigue comes with this, that makes them unable to function and do even the most basic tasks.

Not just physically, they even have mental weakness with apathy and indifference. It can be difficult to concentrate, their memory can be poor and they may become negative and depressed or be rather irritable.

They are cold and sluggish, and everything feels cold, from their breath to sweat, and parts of the body. Despite this they do not want to be covered up and have a strong desire for fresh air, even fanning themselves.

There are a lot of respiratory symptoms- with asthmatic type coughs or wheezing and difficulty breathing.

It also has a big affinity for the gastrointestinal tract. Lots of heartburn, indigestion and bloating, that is made better by burping. They generally feel better for burping, and may even drink fizzy drinks to make themselves burp. They can also have flatulence that is worse at night and when lying down. They can either be completely indifferent to food, or may be greedy with a strong craving for sweets or salt. They are worse from fatty or rich foods.

I had a recent case of a woman who had Covid, had a weeks sickness, started getting better than progress stalled. She had a cough that left her choking and unable to catch her breath, and a complete lack of energy. The extreme fatigue had her feeling heavy, even simple tasks she couldn’t do, just lifting her arms was too much effort. She was sleeping 10 hours a night and still tired. She was very hungry, but couldn’t eat large amounts at one time or would feel sick, and was very thirsty. She was also constipated, and earlier had had incontinence when she farted. I prescribed her Carbo Veg, and the following day she was outside on the farm doing fencing and able to resume her activities. It certainly did revive her!

I have also had great cases of asthma, and hard bloating with lots of wind resolve with Carbo Veg.

Have you used Carbo Veg?

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