Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Homeopathy for the School Holidays

It’s the school holidays! I’m looking forward to spending some time with my kids, and no doubt at times there will be frustration on my part. So here are my top remedies for getting through the school holidays.

Saccharum – for those days when there has been indulgence in sugar, and they are irritable and “quarrelsome”. They can be hyperactive or have tantrums, will be hungry straight after eating and want to eat frequently between meals, and want chocolate and sweets, although behaviour is often worse afterwards.

Cocculus – a remedy for a lack of sleep that leads them to be oversensitive to everything – noise, smell, touch – and they will be irritable. They may also feel nauseous, or have motion sickness when travelling or have a headache or vertigo.

Calc Phos- whiny, dissatisfied and bored children. They lack motivation to do anything, and can sigh with their complaining. They want change, and stimulation, someone else to entertain them.

And for the parents:

Sepia – when you have had enough, you want to be alone, and are irritable or indifferent to your children. Better when busy or occupied, but very irritable or may be sarcastic when interrupted.

I will be spending time with my kids, so I have fewer appointments available and may be slower to reply to emails and messages, but rest assured I will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great holiday!

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