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Matariki and Celestial Remedies

This Friday we have a public holiday for Matariki. This is sometimes called Maori New Year, and is marked by the appearance of the Matariki cluster of stars in the sky. In Europe these stars are known as the Pleiades, but here, they are Ngā Mata o te Ariki Tāwhirimātea, the eyes of Tāwhirimātea, the god of the wind, who threw his eyes into the heavens in anger, after his siblings separated Ranginui, the sky father from Papatūānuku, the earth mother. 

While we don’t have any homeopathic remedies made from the Matariki stars, we do have Polaris and Milky Way Essence 

The Milky Way Essence was made using a clear crystal pointing towards a bottle of ethanol on a moonless night at the Autumn equinox in 1995, and proved via meditation. You can read more about it in Madeline Evans book Meditative Provings, volume 2. 

The Milky Way Essence is quite esoteric, about connection with the universe and the divine and keywords for the remedy are connection and communication. It does state that this is for people who are unable to make a choice, feel uncertain and insecure or have a problem fitting into the world. There is an affinity with the nervous system, and there can be convulsions, twitching or numbness and tingling. 

Polaris was made by Doug Smith in Minden, Ontario, on 26th October 1990, by placing vodka into the eyepiece of a telescope and keeping the telescope centred on Polaris for one hour. The Dynamis School did the proving, and this is available from Homeopathy for Health in Africa. 

 Throughout the proving of Polaris there were sensations of tingling, or bubbly feelings, some of them felt spacy like they were out of their body. Others felt more centred and relaxed with a feeling of stillness.

There were distortions of time, losing track of the day, thinking they were late, or just a complete disregard for what time it is. As well as time there was general disorientation, mixing up north and south, and getting lost.

Communication was also affected by the remedy, with multi-lingual people mixing up languages, and mishearing things, along with a desire to make up new words. This extended to animals with feeling like they could understand animals or wanting to hiss like a dragon.

Physically there were headaches, particularly felt in the forehead with a pressing sensation. It affected the sinuses, clearing them, and many provers had an acute sense of smell. There were toothaches and a metallic taste in the mouth, and one prover felt her palate and mouth changed shape.

There was tightness in the chest and an awareness of the heart, pain in the lower back and tingling in the extremities. 

In general, they were cold, and a desire for or aversion to the wind, and there was a desire for sweets, hot chocolate and green olives.  


I wonder what a remedy made from Matariki would be like? 

Image from Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand. 

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