Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

National Volunteering Week 2024

It’s National Volunteering week – the time of the year that we appreciate and give thanks to the volunteers who make a difference.

Homeopathy has a large number of volunteers that keep the profession going.

The New Zealand Council of Homeopaths is run by volunteers – these women on the Executive support professional Homeopaths around New Zealand.

Our New Zealand Homeopathic Society is run by volunteers – this is a charity that helps raise the public awareness of homeopathy.

There are peer support groups around New Zealand, and these are also run by volunteers. These include (but are not limited to) the Pod Squads organised by the Council, and the two Cakes groups, one for practicing Homeopaths and one for students and new practitioners. 

We have a Conference coming up this year in September, and this is also organised by volunteers.

There are Charitable Homeopathic clinics around New Zealand – these are supported by the NZ Homeopathic Society, and are run by Homeopaths who work in collaborative teams.

I am certain that I have forgotten some people who are doing amazing work to support homeopathy in New Zealand – the error is mine, and in no way lessens my thanks for their amazing contribution.

THANK YOU for your efforts, your time, your contribution and your love for homeopathy. 

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