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There is a lot of fear around at the moment, and misinformation in the media. Given that there is a reasonable level of vaccine failure and those that have had the MMR can still get measles it is worth everyone considering what they need at home to support themselves through this infectious disease.

First on hand for any virus is Vitamin C- while I like sodium ascorbate we also have lipospheric vitamin C and flavoured vitamin C tablets in the house.

Specifically for measles Vitamin A is important and is used to prevent or treat complications. The primary source for Vitamin A in supplements is Cod Liver Oil or other fish oils. Food sources are primarily liver and eggs.

Homeopathically there are a number of remedies that can help. Early stage measles symptoms include a fever, runny nose, sore eyes, a cough and white spots inside the mouth, with a rash appearing later.

Aconite- this is your remedy for first stages of anything. You can also use it if you have been exposed and anticipate getting measles, to reduce the severity. Symptoms include a high fever, especially coming on late at night around midnight, thirst and eyes may be painful.

Euphrasia- swollen, streaming eyes, with tears that may irritate the face, as well as a runny nose, may have a headache and chills.

Pulsatilla- when the rash is slow to appear, and it is more like a cold, with thick yellow mucus, and may have a chesty cough. They feel better in the open air and want company and sympathy.

Bryonia- also when the rash is slow to appear. May have a painful Cough, a headache and feel worse when moving, so want to stay perfectly still. They can also have a fever with chills, a dry mouth and be thirsty.

When the rash appears you may consider

Apis – burning, stinging rash, may appear shiny or puffy. Rash is better for cold applications and worse for getting hot (like in bed). Person is thirstless.

Rhus Tox – rash is very itchy, and feels better from warmth. The person is very restless and can’t sit still, they may have fever with chills, and feel better from warmth and motion.

If you are concerned at any time, you can ring Healthline on 0800 611 116 to speak to a registered nurse.

If you would like help finding an individual remedy (and there are others that may help), send me a message for an acute consult, $30 if you are in Kerikeri and want to collect the remedy, $25 for the prescription and you source the remedy yourself.

If you have not yet been exposed and are concerned about measles and avoiding the disease, but do not want to vaccinate, contact me about Homeoprophylaxis.


Credit: DOC. Just because I was helping make kiwi costumes last week.

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