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Lachesis is the remedy from the Bushmaster Snake, pit viper in the Amazon. It’s a large and venomous snake with fangs up to 3cm long. It is not a naturally aggressive snake, but camouflages well and if you step on it it might be the last step you take. The poison from the bushmaster is haemotoxic, cytolytic and proteolytic, which means it’s destructive the blood and soft tissues and can cause haemorrhage and necrosis (cell death).

The bushmaster snake is nocturnal- and a Lachesis person functions well at night, the proverbial night owl, staying up late to get things done, socialise and relax. They may have difficulty going to sleep early. They are most definitely not morning people, they “sleep in to aggravations” meaning everything is worse when they first wake up in the morning.

The Lachesis person is passionate, but they may have internal conflict about it. They love with a passion but hate equally fiercely and can be terribly jealous – including the love and attention a Lachesis child feels is lost with the birth of a new baby. There brain is very active, and an old fashioned word for them is loquacious – they talk and talk and talk, about many subjects, and their quick mind will make leaps to other subjects lightning quick. Their agile mind means they can be extremely capable in an emergency.

While they can be happy and excitable, very passionate, they can also feel depressed, and as discussed above, they are more likely to have low spirits in the morning. Also, like a snake, if they feel attacked they can and will attack back and may be spiteful with this. They can hurt people with their razor sharp tongue, and they can also wear a mask (like the camouflaged snake the remedy is made from) to plot and take revenge against someone who has wronged them.

Physically there are sore throats (I used Lachesis among other things to support myself through Strep Throat earlier in the year). Pain may be severe and left sided, or move from the left side to the right side. You are unlikely to see a Lachesis person wearing a turtle neck skivvy or a choker necklace – they do not like anything tight around their neck.

A Lachesis woman will often feel better when her period arrives, all the PMS symptoms resolve. With the reduction in flow, peri menopause can make everything feel worse.

Given the snake’s haemolytic venom, the circulatory symptoms in the remedy picture is no surprise. These range from varicose veins, nose bleeds and slow healing blue wounds and bruise, to palpitations and a weak, rapid pulse.

Other conditions seen in the remedy picture include asthma (especially when they are worse first thing on waking), and throbbing pulsating headaches, worse on the left.

These are not the only characteristics of Lachesis, it is a fantastic remedy, one Homeopaths call a Polychrest because it has such a wide sphere of action. You also do not have to have every symptom in order to take Lachesis, but the essence of the remedy should resonate with who you are.

It is easy to read a description and pick some things that sound like yourself, or look at the negatives and think it doesn’t sound like you- but this doesn’t necessarily give you a complete picture. A constitutional appointment makes all the difference here. Please send me a message about making an appointment to find a remedy for you or your child.

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