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Travelling part 1 of 2

We are heading away in the next school holidays (shh, don’t tell my kids, it’s a surprise!) I’m a Girl Guide through and through, so my motto is “Be Prepared”, but never more so than as when travelling with kids.

I take a comprehensive Homeopathy kit (as seen here, a few more to add) but mine is probably a bit excessive and you could get away with less. Here are my must have remedies for international travel:

Arnica- take 2 hourly during the flight to support the body moving through the time zones and ease jet lag

Cocculus- when you haven’t had enough sleep and you are sensitive to every little impression, take Cocculus. It’s an essential in my kit with kids, but shines for jet lag too. Cocculus can also be taken to help with motion sickness.

Gelsemium- the third in my jet lag trio. Everything feels heavy, fatigue, even your eye lids feel heavy and tired.

Aconite – for first stages in colds, coughs, croup. For shock.

Ledum – for puncture wounds, this is the homeopathic anti tetanus remedy, but can also help with insect bites.

Apis – for insect bites and stings. Rashes or allergic reactions that are hot, swollen and stinging

Arsenicum- food poisoning, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, May have a burning feeling in the stomach.

Nux Vomica – overindulgence and constipation. Eat too much of a rich dessert and feel slightly seedy afterwards? Take some Nux. Nux feels like they want to vomit, but can’t, and like they want to pass a bowel motion, but can’t. It’s also a remedy for irritability, anger and snappiness.

Don’t forget to take any personal constitutional remedies- if your child melts down and responds to Pulsatilla, take that with you. If they are teething and you give Chamomilla to them, make sure you take it with you.

If you are travelling by sea, car, bus or plane and motion sickness is a problem, consider remedies like Cocculus, Ipecac, Petroleum, Tabacum, Pulsatilla and Sepia.

If you are going to be doing a lot of exercise, and joint injuries are a possibility, take Ruta Grav, Rhus Tox and Arnica with you and take all three together after a joint injury.

Sol can be useful if you are going somewhere hot and sunny to reduce risk of sunburn and treat it afterwards.

What is the remedy you never go away without? If you haven’t done so before, what on my list are you going to pack for your next holiday or weekend away?

Check back in tomorrow to find out what supplements I’m taking with me.

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