Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

My experiences with Homeopathy for World Homeopathy Awareness week.

Day four: scalp eruption

When my youngest was only a few months old, one day he suddenly appeared to have a rash all over his scalp. It looked like ringworm, numerous round patches which were rough and raised on the edges and flat in the middle. I do not know if it was Tinea Capitis, or if it was not fungal and just a discoid eczema, because I did not take him to the doctor, instead I rang my Homeopath.

I didn’t go the doctor route because I was not wanting to use a steroid cream on his scalp, and while I could use a topical fungal treatment I wanted to try an alternative first.

My Homeopath prescribed him Psorinum, which is a big skin remedy, and also a remedy for inherited tendencies to disease- and at just a few months old this was likely to be an inherited susceptibility.

I don’t have pictures that I could find, but I remember the healing being just as dramatic as the appearance – it quickly disappeared again like it had never been there. He is now 4 and a half and has beautiful skin, no hint of any problem there at all.

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