Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

My experiences with Homeopathy for World Homeopathy Awareness week.

Day five: whooping cough

When my youngest was three weeks old, my middle child contracted whooping cough.

She had a slight cold, got better, and then developed this cough. I was using all the normal cough and cold supplements and remedies, until it dawned on me that this cough was too persistent.

These days most children don’t get the “whooping” sound that gave pertussis its name, and it is frequently diagnosed. Despite vaccination it also regularly has outbreaks in the community and vaccinated and unvaccinated children can become infected.

I had two concerns- one was my three week old baby. Because I did not know my status with whooping cough – natural immunity gives around 30-40 years protection – I could not be sure that I was producing those antibodies to pass on to my baby through breastmilk. I did increase my vitamin C supplementation, and we chose to give him the Homeoprophylaxis remedy for whooping cough.

My other concern was of course for my daughter with whooping cough. We got straight onto Dr Susanne Humphries protocol, which includes vitamin C to bowel tolerance. That dealt with the worst of the symptoms, and also helped prevent the long term consequences of whooping cough. However, she was still coughing. I tried the “normal” remedies, but Mum-prescribing was not working, so we made an appointment with my Homeopath. She prescribed her Nux Vomica and it made a huge difference, reducing the coughing and supporting her recovery.

My eldest never got whooping cough, nor did my youngest. My middle child who was 4 at the time recovered quickly and has had no long term effects from the illness.

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