Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

My experiences with Homeopathy for World Homeopathy Awareness week.

Day six: travel sickness

My oldest has always had motion sickness in the car. As a toddler she improved marginally once turned to forward facing, but any long distance trip would have her vomiting. At its worst point she could not travel for more than 20 minutes in a constantly moving car, even if straight and flat (like the Auckland motorway) without getting nauseous.

Things have improved a lot since then, but she still has a spray she takes in the car. It’s a combination of 3 remedies- Cocculus, Tabacum and Petroleum, all which have been helpful at different times singly, but in combination she can self medicate when required, whether she is with me or not.

Cocculus have constant nausea, worse for movement, and a feeling of emptiness in the stomach. They can be irritable at everything, and are worse if they have not slept well.

Tabacum have deathly nausea, but feel better after vomiting. They are cold and pale and may have a cold sweat.

Any motion makes them feel worse, and they feel better for cold air and uncovering their abdomen.

Petroleum have nausea worse for motion, with a feeling of emptiness in the stomach and they may also have excess saliva in the mouth (as does Tabacum). The nausea can start suddenly and violently, and they may have a headache or cold sweat.

Today is the last day of World Homeopathy Awareness Week. Thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word of Homeopathy, it is everyday individual experiences and it’s accessibility that makes Homeopathy such a wonderful form of medicine.

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