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This post is for all those in Wellington, protesting for freedom from mandates, and for those who are standing in support around New Zealand. (Also for all people around the world who support freedom and autonomy, whether they are standing in protest in Ottawa, Canberra or elsewhere, or trying to live their lives freely).

All roads lead me back to Homeopathy, so for fun, I put Freedom into my repertory (an index of symptoms and their homeopathic remedies) to see what came up.

One remedy came up in three seperate rubrics:

Mind: Delusion, imaginations; freedom fighter, one is

Mind: Freedom; desire for

Mind: Freedom; remarkable, in doing what he had to do

Translation of the repertory language means this remedy is for people who will fight for freedom, who want freedom, and who feel free in doing their duty.

That remedy is Ozone.

Ozone is made of three Oxygen molecules bound together, and is the protective layer over the earth’s atmosphere that absorbs the harmful UV days from the sun.

Ozone was first discovered, and synthesised in 1839 by German scientist Christian Friedrich Schönbein. Scientists knew that there was something in the atmosphere absorbing the UV radiation from the sun, and in 1867 Schönbein identified Ozone as the protective substance. In 1930, Sydney Chapman proposed the mechanism for the formation of Ozone- the same ultraviolet light that Ozone absorbs, breaks up ordinary O2 molecules, and then those singular oxygen atoms combine with another O2 molecule to form O3, or Ozone.

To digress slightly, CFCs, or chlorofluorocarbons we’re first made in 1928 and over the following decades their manufacturing increased to include wide use in refrigeration, as propellants and cleaning agents. It was thought they were safe, with no harmful effects, and yet in 1974 it was shown that they not only persisted much longer than expected, but that also they were broken down by sunlight forming reactive chlorine molecules, that then could break up many ozone molecules before forming an inert chlorine substance. The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica was first found in 1985, 9 years after CFCs were found to deplete the ozone layer. It is estimated that the hole will not be back at pre 1980 levels until 2070.

Just to summarise this: a man made chemical, once thought safe and effective, was able to destroy a protective substance over the earth.

Ozone has been used as a medical treatment for over 125 years, for a wide variety of medical conditions. I want to mention two particularly – the treatment of cancer, and to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa. Interestingly when injecting ozone on a regular basis there is a suggestion to use a low concentration, as regular high concentrations can suppress T-4 cell counts.

Now let’s look at the homeopathic picture of Ozone.

Jeremy Sherr talks about Ozone as protecting the world from the excess radiation, and equates this light with truth. Particularly using phrases such as “seen the light”, he considers that ozone filters out the divine truths we are not yet strong enough to hold. This also mirrors our current situation where the truths are being suppressed and hidden from many, with widespread censorship of doctors, scientists and anyone with a different idea to the mainstream narrative, keeping much of the populace “in the dark”.

When Ozone was proved, there were feelings that they needed to tell everyone with the truth, and that they felt the truth physically. But Ozone is also able to modulate the need for truth, giving strength to those that need support to speak their truth, and also allowing others to recognise that in some circumstances the truth need not be harsh and bold, but people can share in a gentle manner to slowly allow the truth to be seen without causing shock or distress.

Dr Petr Gajdos from the Czech Republic has used Ozonum, the homeopathic remedy, successfully for Covid-19.

Some of the mental emotional feelings from one of his cured cases include that the chance to express an opinion gives a feeling of safety. Doing so, and being able to say no is “protection” like a “shield”. Speaking their mind made them feel free, safe and secure. But they didn’t like it when someone lies or avoids the truth, when they felt like they didn’t have enough room, or when people were forcing them to do something.

Physically the symptoms that made Ozonum appropriate for Covid-19 included a dry cough, that caused pain in the head while coughing, a raw and horse voice, the desire to breathe and a feeling of cold in the airways. They also had low energy and disrupted sleep.

Dr Gajdos also states that in childhood, an Ozonum state can come from having dominant or overprotective mother. As a country at the moment, we have an overbearing and restrictive government, imposing rules and restrictions for “protection” but in doing so obstructing the ability for people to move, to breathe, to speak freely, and to live their lives.

The desire to breathe seen in Ozonum would also translate to an intolerance to wearing masks, and I have heard many people say they just don’t feel like they can breathe while wearing them.

In my opinion Ozonum is a good remedy for those in Wellington just fighting to have their voices heard. There are so many aspects above, from the desire for truth, not to be lied to, the not wanting to be forced to do things (mandates), and wanting to be able to express their opinion. This does not mean it will be appropriate for every person there, and a consultation with a Homeopath will not only determine if this is the right remedy, but also the dosage and frequency for an individual.

Keep up the good fight, and please message me if you would like a consultation.

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