Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Phosphoric Acid

Are you feeling drained and worn out? After a year of Covid, then a week with Covid lockdown in Auckland and a Tsunami warning it wouldn’t be surprising. Phosphoric Acid may be a remedy that would help you.

The Acid remedies as a group have a theme of exhaustion. As acids as substances can burn, as remedies they feel burnt out. There may be an element of over-doing it and at times it may feel self destructive.

Phosphoric Acid is a remedy for emotional exhaustion. This may be from grief, broken relationships or friendships, bad news, shock or homesickness. This can come across as indifference, apathy, weakness and exhaustion. At times even their brain can’t seem to process ideas or be forgetful.

Vermeulen says these people are “mild, yielding disposition who are easily overwhelmed by emotional events or are suffering from the sequelae of acute disease”. In my experience it’s not just dealing with acute disease, or in people of a mild or yielding disposition, but the word overwhelm is definitely the key. Stress, especially ongoing emotionally taxing stress may bring this state on in even the most strong and together person.

Physically there may be headaches, and they generally feel better for sleeping. They may feel a craving for fruit or fruit juice, but may have no appetite from grief and feel tired and lack energy after eating. They may have chronic diarrhoea, which is painless. It has also been noted that hair loss may be part of the remedy, or going grey after grief.

Phosphoric Acid is an essential remedy in my Emotional First Aid Kit. Is it one you need to add to yours?

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