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World Toothache Day

Today is World Toothache Day.
A perfect time to highlight what Homeopathy can do to help.

As always, Homeopathy is about holistic health, and so toothache may be a symptom but it’s usually not the only symptom.

In the repertory I use there are 604 remedies that have toothache as part of their picture, so it’s not just the toothache that is important, but what else is going on emotionally and physically.

Diet and lifestyle is important. Most of us are aware that sugar is bad for teeth, you may even know that drinking sugar in the form of juice or fizzy drink is even worse because of the acid as well as the sugar. But it’s not just that. Any refined carbohydrate can be bad for the teeth, in my house crackers were definitely a contributing factor. Something “healthy” like lemon in water before breakfast may damage your enamel. Also consider if you are lacking essential teeth nutrients like Vitamins A, and D (found in liver, which many of us don’t eat in our diet these days), and if you have an infection you will also need vitamin C, and possibly other nutrients or supplements. Bleeding gums when flossing and brushing, while a sign of gingivitis, may be reduced by regular vitamin C supplementation.

The following remedies though can be considered for teeth 🦷 and dental support

Calc Phos – often used as a tissue salt (6x) for support for teeth and bones

Chamomilla- often the first thought of for teething babies, it helps when you are hypersensitive to pain and can be useful after dental treatment.

Belladonna – for infections on the gum line that are hot, red, swollen and May throb with pain.

Silica- if the infection has proceeded past the initial red, swollen heat of Belladonna and formed an abscess, Silica can support the body to drain the pus and heal the infection, swollen gums and cheeks are commonly part of the Silica picture

Mercurius sol – tendency to bleeding, soft and spongy gums, and teeth that decay easily, or can be sensitive to hot and cold. Breath tends to smell bad also.

Message me if you have a toothache or gum infection for an acute consultation. For ongoing teeth problems contact me to make an appointment for a full consultation where we can look at your whole picture.

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