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Summer Holiday

We’re going away at the end of the week for a family holiday – can’t wait! I will take more a large selection of homeopathic remedies with me, because #homeopath, but these are the ten I suggest you would want on hand in your home or travel kit for a summer holiday:

Sol- essential at this time of year, this remedy from the Sun can be used preventatively and taken throughout the day to prevent sunburn, or used afterwards if you did get too much sun.

Arnica- bumps, bruises, injuries and trauma it is the first remedy to think of. Can be useful for shock also if they say “don’t touch me, I’m fine” when they are clearly not.

Arsenicum Album – excellent for food poisoning, with vomiting and/or diarrhoea. Mucous membranes may feel burning, there is a lack of energy and a sick feeling, they may also be anxious.

Aconite – shock after an accident or injury, or for sudden onset of illness (after exposure to a cold dry wind), or if anticipating getting sick

Apis – bee stings or allergic reactions, characterised by redness, heat, and swelling. Better for ice or cold compresses.

Ledum – insect bites or penetrating wounds, anti tetanus. Wounds may be cold to touch

Nux Vomica – in case you overindulge with alcohol, or food or other substances. This can be taken while drinking to reduce risk of a hangover, or afterwards to treat the effects.

Cocculus – useful for those late nights when you get too little sleep and still need to be a functioning person the next day. This can also be a very useful remedy for travel sickness, worse for any motion.

Hypericum – this has an affinity for nerves, so injuries to fingers, toes, tail bone, spine or head can all benefit from this remedy. Pains may be shooting. It is also used to help heal deeper wounds, and found in HyperCal as a lotion or ointment to promote healing of wounds.

Rhus Tox – this helps with poison Ivy or large scale allergic skin reactions. It is also helpful for overuse of muscles or back strain.

Also taking a first aid kit, vitamin C and MEBO ointment.
What’s in your essential holiday kit?

Photo credit: Reginas Photos on Pixabay

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