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Placenta homeopathic remedies

One question I had was about a remedy made from Placenta after birth.

There is a remedy called Placenta Humanum, which is made from the placenta of a woman in Wales. Themes from this remedy include feeling incomplete, guilt from lack of achievement, feelings of discomfort and being ill at ease with themselves, inability to breathe, confusion and chaos, and wanting to start over. The results after the remedy were a sense of clearing out and growing up, becoming more aware and self confident, an improved relationship with mother and a more compete self. The remedy has been used clinically for painful periods, infertility, eating disorders, deep, old grief and post vaccine damage. It has also been used in various pregnancy, birth and post partum complaints.

In the last few years drying and encapsulating the placenta after birth and using this to help with hormones has become popular. There is mixed information about the effect on breastmilk production (some positive and some reducing milk supply or delaying milk coming in), but it often will help prevent hormone based mood crashes and may decrease post natal depression. If you want to read some of the research into placentophagy I recommend this blog, it has a mineral breakdown as well as information on the hormones, and talks about a randomised study comparing placenta capsules to beef.

Making a homeopathic remedy from Placenta has benefits for both mother and child. While placenta capsules that contain the whole placenta raises hormone levels, which naturally drop after pregnancy, and in doing so alleviate symptoms associated with that drop, homeopathic remedies work differently and instead may stimulate the body to return itself to balance. It has been suggested for stress, anxiety, insomnia and post natal depression. It may help with hormone changes when periods return or baby weans, including things like painful periods or fertility problems when wanting subsequent children.

Further down the track, if you still have the remedy it may help with balancing hormone changes with menopause.

Not only for the mother, a homeopathic remedy made from the placenta that nourished them in utero, has potential benefits for the child. This remedy is made from the organ that nourished them, and is fundamentally an expression of a mothers love and attachment for that child. As such the homeopathic remedy made from the placenta may work as a constitutional remedy for that child, whether they need support physically, mentally or emotionally. When they are small this may include teething, colic and general upset. It may give that child emotional support with things like separation anxiety. It has also been suggested for times like weaning. Other sources have suggested that it may help with immunity.

The second part of the question was around making it from dried encapsulated placenta. Usually this remedy is made from the fresh placenta, placed in alcohol to make a tincture. Then made into a homeopathic remedy using dilution and succussion according to Hahnemanian or Korsakov procedures. Changing the state of a substance can change its homeopathic properties. I would expect a remedy made from dried placenta to be slightly different to one made from fresh placenta. I am speculating, but possibly there would be differences like a croup like cough (like Spongia Tosta which is a remedy from dried sea sponge), or dry or leathery skin. Would it have a different effect with things like separation anxiety? Hard to know but probably the picture would not be that different and it would still be useful.

Personally I have some homemade placenta tincture in the back of a cupboard that I did intend to get made into a homeopathic remedy for my youngest. He’s now over 2 1/2 and I haven’t done so, yet haven’t needed it either. Maybe when I am heading into menopause this will be useful for it’s hormone balancing effects. Perhaps it may be of use with weaning, or if he becomes anxious starting daycare or going to school.

If you would like to make your own placenta tincture (which you can do even if you want to encapsulate the rest), cut a piece of placenta, gently wash, cut into smaller pieces of necessary, then immerse in alcohol (vodka works great here). Leave for 6 weeks then it is ready to have a remedy made from it. We have two Homeopathic dispensaries in New Zealand that can do so, Selene Homoeopathics in Tauranga and Simillimum Homeopathic Pharmacy in Wellington.

If you have had a Homeopathic remedy made from your placenta, I would love to hear your experiences!

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