Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

School and Homeopathy

For many in New Zealand, school will start this week. Some children are excited, others apprehensive, and some just do not want to go.

Homeopathy can be a support for mental, emotional and physical complaints associated with school. I have summarised a few common constitutional remedies and how they may react around school time.

Calcarea carbonica (Calc Carb) children remind me of the Hogwarts Hufflepuff house qualities- hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play. They can do well at school, but this is the result of methodical, deliberate work. They have a process to follow and can be very upset when they are rushed or pressured. Mostly this is through passive resistance and refusal to take part. They can feel overwhelmed, and can have a physical manifestation such as stomach aches.

Generally, Calc Carb children may be plump, sweaty, and love starchy carbohydrates and eggs. They are more likely to be constipated but can have an intolerance to milk and dairy products, causing diarrhoea.

Lycopodium children lack self confidence and can be shy and timid, or cover it up by being bossy and bullying others. They can be quite anxious and want their parents there to reassure them. Because of this they worry about speaking up in front of class mates, and failing. If they can get past this fear they will perform well, and they can be good natured and easy to deal with.

They often have a craving for sweets, and can have indigestion, flatulence, and constipation.

Natrum Muriaticum children are very sensitive but keep their feelings to themselves. They can find groups intimidating if they do not know anyone, so starting school by themselves can make for a sad, upset child when at home, and physical complaints like headaches, colds or cold sores.

They have a strong sense of right and wrong so will struggle with the small injustices of school- someone getting a second turn or taking something off someone else, and may be the one telling tales to try and make things right.

Phosphorus children are social butterflies, they make friends with everyone and like to please the teacher. They very much care what other people think about them, and can be very upset by friends playing with someone else or conflicts in friend groups. They also worry about friends, family and loved ones. They can lack concentration and get into trouble for talking too much. They may be anxious about restarting school but once they have sorted their friends will settle in.

Physically they may have nose bleeds or feel nauseous when uncomfortable or anxious.

Pulsatilla children are sensitive, and afraid of being alone or left behind. They are shy and take time to warm up, but once they do, they want to avoid confrontation and will try to please everyone. Like Phosphorus problems with their friends will be a major concern, their fear being that they will be rejected and left alone. They can be tearful and may be clingy with parents, especially when unsure, at the beginning of the school year, with a new teacher or any other change of circumstance. Their moods are also changeable and while tears are just under the surface they can also have mood swings. They can also be indecisive and would prefer someone else to steer the ship.

Sulphur children are full of energy, bright and inquisitive. They are self confident, natural leader and think quickly. They are bright, ask questions and eager to learn, but careless, make mistakes and will avoid work if they can get away with it. They may resist going to school not because they don’t want to learn, but because they are restricted from doing what they want to. Typically they are messy, but want to keep everything. They are happy but can explode like a volcano if things don’t go their way (although this is most likely to happen at home, not at school!) Physically they are hot and may have skin problems like itch or eczema.

Do you recognise your child in one of these brief snapshots? There are many other remedies that can help, so if nothing seems quite right a consultation to find a constitutional remedy is your best bet. Send me a message to discuss finding the right remedy for you.

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