Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Scabies, Strep throat and Rheumatic Fever

This article fascinated me for two reasons.

One is the notion that scabies is a bigger problem than expected. Samuel Hahnemann, 200 odd years ago came up with the theory of “miasms” which were reoccurring patterns of disease, and that you needed to treat the underlying miasm to clear disease. The first miasm? Psora or “itch” from the scabies mite.

(Ever get the feeling that Hahnemann was ahead of his time? I do.)

The second was the link to rheumatic fever. Particularly the line “Little progress had been made with rheumatic fever prevention campaigns, using traditional methods of early treatment of bacterial throat infection, he said.”

This also made me think about the 2016 research that used a mouse model and showed that treatment with antibiotics interferes with the production of antibodies. This is born out in practice where after antibiotic use reinfection with the same pathogen is common, whereas “natural immunity” provides ongoing protection.

So we have a subset of the population who are “at risk” of rheumatic fever who are now having repeated doses of antibiotics, with consequences for that, and they are still at risk, with scabies possibly contributing to the problem.

So what are the alternatives for Strep throat? I had it earlier in the year and it is not nice. Homeopathy worked well – I recommend an acute consult to get the right remedy, but Lachesis was what I took.

Also make sure you are having Vitamin C and zinc to support your body’s immune response, immune modulating supplements such as Echinacea and Olive Leaf will help too, and the old fashioned gargles- salt water is surprisingly effective, apple cider vinegar (diluted) can help and you could also consider Betadine , an iodine gargle available in Pharmacies. Throat lozenges May provide temporary relief, or use Blis K12 for the Salivary probiotic.

I’m not recommending to avoid antibiotics if warranted, but have a discussion with your doctor about your personal risk- it is different in each population- and then make an informed decision. You also can take a prescription and try the natural alternatives first, resorting to antibiotics if necessary. That’s what I did, and didn’t need the antibiotics.

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