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Stress, Fear and Covid-19

It’s ubiquitous at the moment, almost everyone is affected by stress in some form related to Covid-19.

I posted recently about Emotional First Aid for those who are working in jobs now mandated for vaccination (you can find the post here:

This post is looking at another side- where there is fear and anxiety related to Covid-19, stress, frustration and in some cases fear of the un-vaccinated and/or people not wearing masks.

Anxiety is not always rational, and sometimes no matter how much you research you can still be worried about something.

In addition the environment we are in, with the lockdowns and alert level changes, daily government briefings and many media articles serves to remind us at all hours of the day that we are in this stressful situation.

In times of stress our body produces Cortisol. In prehistoric humans, cortisol was the famine hormone. Times of stress were either short (like being chased by a lion) when adrenaline would kick in, or long term stress when food was short, requiring cortisol.

Of course now we are exposed to cortisol much more regularly than our distant ancestors. The results of elevated cortisol include mood swings, anxiety, poor sleep and feeling fatigued. Physically it can raise your blood pressure, contribute to weight gain, especially around your middle, and also reduce your immunity making you more susceptible to infections.

Things you can do to help with stress –

Choose how you are confronted by things that are causing stress. Tune out from mainstream media and social media except for specified times in the day. As part of this also consider not just the information but the intentions behind the information you are reading – what is the agenda and are they using emotion to drive that.

Spend time outside, bare feet if possible for grounding. Gardening has also been shown to be beneficial for mental health and stress.

Prioritise sleep, our body functions much better when you have enough sleep. To help this limit screen time, especially in the evening as it degrades melatonin.

Connect with people in person if possible (for all those still in lockdown I know you can’t do this). If you can’t, connect virtually and talk and laugh and cry together. If you can meet in person, hug; human touch is so important.

Exercise regularly in a form that you enjoy, whether it is running, cycling, visiting the gym, or yoga or Pilates. This not only helps with the effects of stress but increases our resilience.

Take control if you can –

*if you are afraid of Covid-19, look for information on how to treat and manage this at home (you can read my post here: Or there are really good management plans from integrative practitioners around the world like Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Zelenko)

*make a plan for your family, what sort of support do you have, how will you cope with being sick (this applies not only to Covid-19 but any illness)

*read up about how immunity works and how vaccination works to give yourself peace of mind about your personal risk. Remember vaccination is there to allow your body to recognise the virus so you have a better immune response and a lower risk of hospitalisation. If the vaccine works then you are not at risk from unvaccinated members of the community.

Talk to someone you trust with your health – this may be different for different people. It could be your Doctor, a Naturopath, Homeopath, another qualified health professional in the many fields we have available to us, or it could be a well read layperson who has done extensive research. You are welcome to contact me for this.

Homeopathy can also support you with feelings of stress and anxiety. Below are some first aid remedies that may help:

Aconite – for shock and fear. It is also a good remedy for panic attacks with a racing heart, especially those that keep you awake at night.

Argentum Nitricum – when anticipatory anxiety is stressing you out, from worry about going somewhere or doing something and what you will be confronted with.

Arsenicum – anxiety, particularly about health and finances. Physically there may be an upset stomach, or diarrhoea.

Pulsatilla – tearful, anxious, changeable emotions, needing support of friends and family.

Nux Vomica – if your reaction is anger, and you are snappy and short tempered. Over indulging in alcohol, food or smoking may be part of your coping mechanism.

Phosphorus- missing friends and socialising is a big stress. You may also have trouble with boundaries, and be empathetic which means you are assaulted with the emotional ups and downs with others as well.

Causticum – may feel depressed or hopeless, but also very passionate about the cause – it can be black and white that everyone should act in a certain way and you may get very upset at others not doing this. In addition you may be overly sympathetic with people you see as victims or those suffering from the results of others not following your point of view.

Covid-19 is a stressful topic and can be very polarising. A reminder to please keep things respectful on this page. Whether you have strong feelings or are in a more neutral position I am here to support you – please message me if you would like to discuss how I can help you.

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