Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


A flower from the daisy family, Chamomile has been used for centuries as a tea or tisane to help calm and sleep. Homeopathically it can be used for the same reason. The mental emotional aspect is key for Chamomilla. Often used with teething children or for tantrums, they are restless, whining, irritable and capricious. This is the child who wants something, and as soon as you give it to them they will throw it away. They want to be picked …

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World Antibiotic Awareness week- Skin infections

It’s World Antimicrobial Awareness Week! Antibiotics and Antivirals can be amazing and lifesaving. But we as a country use them too often, and sometimes for things we could treat with something else. Working in Pharmacy two days a week I have seen a lot of antibiotic prescriptions. Some are important and life saving, some are precautionary, some to treat an infection that may or may not heal itself but patient prefers antibiotics for one reason or another, and some for …

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Spanish Flu Epidemic

For those of you who like history. The Spanish Flu has been brought up numerous times with this latest pandemic. It was a world tragedy, with estimates of 500 million people (1/3 of the worlds population) catching the flu, and 50 million people dying from it. In New Zealand an estimated 9000 people died of the Spanish Flu, schools and workplaces were shut down and events cancelled to try and mitigate the spread. The statistics were grim. There was …

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