Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Petition for the Therapeutic Products Act

To all our members,

The Therapeutic Products Act (TPA) was recently passed with urgency by Parliament, ignoring over 16,000 submissions calling for important changes to how Government intends to regulate importing, manufacturing and exporting of Natural Health Products (NHPs). This new legislation is complex, poorly written and based on insufficient evidence that NHPs are inherently risky and need to be regulated to this level.

As representatives for homeopathy in New Zealand, we think NHPs should be removed from this Act. We are concerned that:

The cost of this new system will be passed on to consumers, driving up the prices of NHPs and effectively limiting or eliminating your access to those you know and trust;
Your health choices and your ability to manage your own health and well-being will be severely limited;
The equity of healthcare access for many people within our community will be compromised.
Further, we are concerned that the new regulator will have insufficient, pertinent expertise to appropriately set regulations for NHPs.  The legislation provides no assurance that qualified Natural Health Practitioners will be involved in regulatory decision-making, meaning:

The viability of New Zealand-owned, small and medium-sized Natural Health and Pharmacy businesses will be threatened;
The diversity of New Zealand’s health and wellness professionals will be undermined.
You as a health consumer should have your say. It doesn’t matter if you are a consumer of one or many natural health practices, they are all under threat. It is your choice.

In this election year, there are two actions you can take right now:

1. Sign this petition:  Remove Natural Health Products from the Therapeutic Products Act

Remove Natural Health Products from the Therapeutic Products Act
2. Write to your local MP and ask them what they know about the Therapeutic Products Act and how it will impact New Zealand consumers. This is an election year, make them aware of the impact. Many of them have no idea.
Credit and thanks to Sonia Pechner, Lora Hagemann, Angela Hair and Liane Donovan for this information and their hard work bringing this petition to fruition.

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